Pixel Dust Design Studio WordPress Website Development Process

Each brand design project takes approximately 5 to 8 weeks.  Full brand projects (brand/print/web) typically take anywhere from 3+ months.  All time estimates are dependent upon the individual project, number/complexity of revisions, client response timeliness, and my current booking schedule. An estimated timeline and schedule will be given to each client upon project start via email.


  1. Website Design Assets

Now that you have a full Brand Identity design and your equipped with your visual toolbox it’s time to get started on your new website design.  By this time, you will have completed your website questionnaire and be working on completing all of your content for each page. All site photography and content is due prior to website design. Any delays in content may delay your project.


  1. WordPress Installation, Setup & Testing,

Please allow approximately 1to 3 weeks for development phase.  We will be working with a preapproved (by you) ready-made WordPress theme of your choice. I can research and recommend the WordPress theme that fits your budget and needs. These themes range from FREE, up to $60 and is an additional cost.


  1. Custom Designs, Imagery, & Personalization.

This is where we put all the meat into the website. In this phase we set up and modify the inner pages, set up and modify the blog if applicable, install the home page and image slider if applicable and design up to five styled pages such as The about page, contact, and so forth. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks.


  1. Launch:

Once your site is complete, your new custom developed theme will be live. We will also set up a meeting for the tutorial session of your new website at this time to show you how to easily make updates and edits to your own site from the backend.


And there you go! You’ve just been branded!