Mollycoddle Crochet Boutique (Mood Board & Brand Colors)

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Creating the inspiration/mood board is by far my favorite part when it comes to the brand design process. Its also one of the very first things you design after you establish your brand strategy. There is just so much possibility in this stage of the design. This is also the part in the design where you come up with creative color schemes that reflect the feelings and the mood of the whole brand project. Not only is a picture worth a thousand words but a well combined color scheme can also do the same.

This new brand design project is for a lovely new entrepreneur and her crochet boutique shop that specializes in custom hand made crochet baby blankets and more. We want to project a strong feeling of warmth, sweetness, and new life with this new brand identity design package by utilizing soft textures and trendy pink and gray metallics. Then we will finish up the whole look with some modern yet feminine typography.

Stay Tuned for new updates on the beautiful brand project to come.

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