3 Brothers & 3 Missionary Blog Designs

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It feels amazing when you get a return customer, but it feels even more amazing when that client returns a third time.

Ive recently had the privilege to design a third blog design for a client I worked with a few years ago when she needed a LDS missionary blog design for her soon to be Missionary. Then earlier this year she asked me to do a second missionary blog design for her second missionary and now I just finished up a Third Missionary blog design for her third missionary. I can’t help but feel like it has been such a neat privilege and honor to get to work on these designs as this sweet lady selflessly sends each of her sons out there to into the world to share the gospel with others. What a noble thing for me to get to be a small part of.


This was the first missionary blog I did about three years ago. So you can imagine my delight when this client contacted me a few years later asking for another missionary blog.


The second missionary design was actually a lot different that this one above. It wasn’t until the third missionary son got his calling that the client decided she would love it if I made all three missionary blogs similar to the first design. And she commissioned the re-design of the second blog along with a new third blog design. So technically Ive designed four blogs for her over the past three years. Which I was happy to do.


What a fun and rare graphic design expeirience! I hope to design more and more Missionary blogs in the future.

You can check out some of my other missionary blog designs at my etsy shop here.

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