5 Effective Ways To Put Your Brand Identity To Work

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Now that you have a wonderful brand identity package its time to put it to work.

Besides just stamping everything and anything with your new brand Identity designs, Its important  to constructively and thoughtfully use your brand identity. It will both save you time and help you succeed with your business goals.

Here Are FIVE Effective Ways To Put Your Brand Identity To Work

  1. Social Media: There are lots of social media options to choose from but most them are a waste of your time and/or not relevant to your type of business. Find the right kind of social media for your type of marketing needs. Just to name a few; Instagram is a great social media tool for photographers and clothing/fashion type businesses, Facebook is works great for almost all businesses plus local businesses and online shops receive a huge boosting help from it. Twitter is great for big business, pop culture, and writers.  Pinterest is the perfect resource for creative businesses and designers. Once you find the right social media platform be sure to utilize it once or twice a day to stay seen and relevant.
  2. Blog About It: Creating quality online articles relevant to your target audience and area of expertise makes for a great marketing tool. Always make sure your blog post are authentic and remain consistent with your brand identity, brand personality, and voice. No one likes to read things made by a robot. Why do you think we all skip the directions? Blog about recent projects, products, events, and write articles relevant to your target audience needs and interest.  Also another plus to blogging is that it keeps your client and potential clients on your website instead of sending them to other competitors and experts to be poached away. If there is information and tips you think are important for your audience to know don’t send them links to other website. Write about it yourself. Even if there are million other articles on the subject. You need to blog about it as well and have it available for your own audience.
  3. Email Marketing & Signature: All emails related to your business need to have a link to your website and a consistent business signature/logo and of course you need to have a specific email made for your business. Do not use your personal email for business. Keeping it separate will help you stay more organized plus it will help your business stay more professional. Always having a link to your website will make things easier and more accessible to the email recipients. Having your logo signature on all your emails and newsletters will help keep your business on your customers minds and in their in-boxes.
  4. Packaging: If there is anything you ever hand to your clients or leave with them, it should have some representation of your brand on it. Weather its a folder, thumb drive or CD for your photography business, or a shopping bag for your purchased products it needs to represent your business. Not only is this a great marketing tool it also lets your customers know you are serious about your business enough to invest in it, that you are here for the long term.
  5. Relevant Promotional Products: People have enough pens and pads with business logos on them. You need to think of products that are relatable to your business to be more effective in this area. Think usb drives for photography business, dog tags for dog trainers, water bottles for dance studios, and so on. It doesn’t have to be crazy or expensive just more relatable.

Don’t stress about getting all five of these things done at once. I would start at the top and work my way down one by one or do the easiest ones first. Try to be consistent with your brand Identity goals and pace yourself so you don’t get burned out. Set lists and work your way through them. All five of these Brand Marketing Tools are great assets to have that will take your small business to the next level. And when you are done setting them all up you will have a huge tool box to help propel your business forward and you will be so glad you did. 


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