3 Simple Steps To Develop Your Brand Strategy

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Before you can go any further with any Brand Identity design for your business you must have a solid brand strategy. But the good news is it doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Here are three simple steps to help you create your own powerful and personal brand strategy that will be invaluable and will help you connect with your clients and create a more successful business.



Don’t just read through this article. This needs to be interactive. You need to spend some time thinking and answering these questions for your new business. Write all your ideas and answers down and then type up your entire brand strategy for you to reference back to often and to keep your brand and business on track and consistent. You may even need to edit your brand strategy from time to time as your brand and business grows and develops. This information you are creating for yourself is essential to your success. 

1st Step: Focus On You

What makes you different and unique? What do you love doing and what can you bring to the table? What are you uniquely qualified to do? Dig deep and find what lights you up and what you do really well. If you can make your brand more focused on these areas instead of the competition you are immediately starting from a more powerful place.


2nd Step: Focus on your Target Audience

Don’t be afraid to narrow your target audience down. You will get over extended working for “Everybody” and you will lose that powerful connection to your smaller audience and may even run the risk of losing potential clients. You want your audience to feel like “Wow, they are perfect for me!” Wider audience means more disconnect for your brand. Know whom you want to work for. Know what kind of clients you work really well with. Know what kind of person would buy your services. That is your target audience.


3rd Step: Bring You and Your Target Audience Together

Combine what your audience needs and what you do well. What kind of jobs does your target audience need you to fulfill? Which of those needs are you qualified to fill? This is where you can really start to develop your services and offerings.


Developing this earlier work will help you feel more deeply rooted in your brand and build a more personal and authentic business.

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