Top 5 Reasons Small Businesses Need A Professional Brand Identity

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Part of starting up your business means trying to put a face on it, so to speak. Thats where Brand Identity comes in. Every business weather big or small needs a brand Identity but sometimes smaller or newer business overlook its value and they are the types of companies who need it most. Here are the Top 5 reasons your small business needs a professional brand Identity.



  1. A great brand design relays to clients and businesses you are a professional, that you are invested in your business and should be taken seriously. Thats why Its even more crucial for small/startup businesses to have a strong professional brand identity and logo package than the big guys. Its important to get off on the right foot and first impressions are vital for smaller companies. There is no time for messing around.
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words. Visual communication is key when designing a brand for any business. Your logo and brand design can tell your clients more about you in seconds than your whole mission statement.  In the age of the internet no one has time to read all that. Everyone wants it fast and now. Small businesses can’t afford to loose the interest of potential clients with poor branding or lack thereof.
  3. Having a full brand Identity designed for your business will help speed up the work flow. A good designer will equip your buisness with all the designs, images and file formats you will need. Need to print some stuff on T-shirts? Oh, look you already have your logo in the right file format and your pantone color number to send of to the printers. Want to start a Facebook page? All the designs are ready for that as well.
  4. A good brand system makes for a great marketing tool. Branding helps create recognition for your business and people like to be familiar with a business that they are spending their money on. Branding your company will help people remember you and feel more at ease purchasing your products or services.
  5. Because competition is fierce. Small businesses are popping up everywhere and on a global scale and you need a way to set your company apart. Anyone can find a fun font to use on their business name and call it a logo but that actually does more harm than good. Good branding will help your target market remember you and think of buying your product or services over the competition.

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